16Nov, 2022

Taxes For Independent Contractors

If you are an independent contractor, you file taxes as a self-employed person or company. You can operate as an S-corporation, sole proprietor, or a […]

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5Oct, 2022

Taxes and Retirement

After retiring, you still need to file taxes. However, it’s not as bad as when you were working. Florida does not have a state income […]

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2Sep, 2022

Probate and Probate Litigation

Most probate cases involve submitting the will and assigning assets to relatives based on statutory requirements if the decedent died intestate – without a will. […]

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4Aug, 2022

Do You Need a Will?

Many people, especially younger people who do not have families or many assets, believe they don’t need a will. However, that couldn’t be further from […]

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12Jul, 2022

Income Taxation Planning

Getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is enough to make your heart jump. As you open it, you wonder what you did […]

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