Many people start businesses and may even keep them for many years. Some even own a business for generations, handing it down from generation to generation. These businesses often become legacies. Preserving your company for future generations requires adaptability, strategic planning, financial success, and a commitment to the business’s values. Decisions you make today can and usually do affect your company for many years – even into the next generation. A business must consider several factors, including leadership, adaptability, and succession issues, to preserve itself for future generations.

Cultivating Strong Leadership

For a business to go from one generation to the next, it must nurture the next generation of leaders to take over the position of its current leaders. The new leaders must be as strong and knowledgeable as the current leaders, or the business could fail. Implementing mentorship initiatives and leadership development programs and preserving knowledge about the business all lead to a smooth transition.

Adaptability and Innovation

New technological advancements constantly affect the business landscape. A successful business must adapt to advancements and consumer preferences, or it could fail. Ensuring that future generations also embrace adaptability and innovation provides a better chance of future generations remaining successful.

Fostering a Strong Culture for Your Company

Your culture is the center of your business and a good part of its success. Your customers are loyal to you, in part because of your culture – you have the same beliefs they have. When you hire employees with the same values, they further that culture and share the same values as your customers, creating a bond between the employees, business, and customers.

Prioritizing this same culture through those who will eventually take over the business increases the chances of the company remaining successful through the generations.


As years go by, new markets appear. New generations can diversify into new markets, whether new products and services or new geographic areas, mitigating the risk of failure in future generations. Adding new products and services ensures you remain relevant through the years, as you are spreading risk over multiple geographic regions and sectors.

Customer Relationships

Without customers, you don’t have a business. Just as you nurture future generations of leaders, customers nurture future buyers. You keep customers by listening to your customers’ feedback, building trust, and investing in personalized service. You can anticipate your customers’ needs.

A child sees his or her parents patronizing your business and will often continue patronizing that business when they become older—as long as the business continues to provide the excellent service the parents enjoyed.

Planning for Succession

Above anything else, you must plan for succession to preserve it for future generations. Some businesses plan for multiple generations, which can be done through trusts as long as the company stays in the family. A Florida estate planning attorney can help you create an estate plan to preserve your business for future generations.

Additional documents required to protect your business for future generations include financial and medical powers of attorney. Florida has several types of trusts that can protect your business.

For example, should you become incapacitated, can the right trust seamlessly transfer control of the business to your adult children or another trusted family member or friend to manage until you are no longer hindered? A trust can also protect your business against certain creditors, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Create a Comprehensive Estate Plan to Protect Your Business

Anything can happen at any time. Protecting your business from excessive taxes, creditors, and lawsuits significantly minimizes the risk of failure and allows future generations to enjoy the same benefits of business ownership you have. Mrs. France handles estate planning, probate, federal income tax planning, and business formation.

With experience in all three areas, France Law can draft a comprehensive estate plan to help protect your business from creditors and excessive taxes and ensure a smooth transfer to the next generation.

Contact France Law today for an estate planning consultation for your business.