Understanding the New Tax Laws: What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Year

Each year sees changes to the tax code. Those changes usually affect nearly everyone. In 2023, tax changes in the Inflation Reduction Act came into effect, including an increase in per-barrel oil taxes and changes to the standard deduction and Alternative Minimum Tax Rate. Keeping up with the tax changes ensures you file your taxes […]

Protecting Your Estate with Taxation Planning

Most people spend their entire lives working to build a legacy that those they leave behind can enjoy once they’re gone. But in reality, that is often not enough. In addition to building your estate over time, you must also dedicate time to careful estate tax planning to make sure that much of your work […]

Florida Tax Incentives

Many people do not think of creating a will, trust or other documents in preparation for their death; and depending on the size of the estate, could leave a considerable cost for their heirs. As of 2017, Florida does not have an estate tax; however, dying intestate – without a will and / or a […]

Nine Smart Strategies for Tax Planning

Contrary to popular belief, tax planning isn’t something that you just leave for the end of the year and again in April. Though it’s easier to pay your taxes and forget about them until next year, a mid-year review can help to make sure that you’re not overpaying. A mid-year review also allows taxpayers to […]

Time to Make Your Move – 3 Steps to Take Now that Will Pay Off in the Future

Long-term planning and tax planning are two of the top concerns for Americans looking to create a secure future. As an estate planning attorney with years of experience in tax law, Belinda France has helped many individuals and families identify and implement a plan that results in tax savings and effective succession planning. Even if […]