7Jan, 2020

Winning A Settlement & Taxes

It seems like you have to pay taxes and more taxes on everything. Think about it: You earn a dollar, you pay employment-related taxes on […]

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5Dec, 2019

Going Out Of Business: What You Should Know

Sometimes, you just have to close a business. Whether it is because of the economy, death, or because you can no longer manage the business, […]

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4Nov, 2019

How Will My Taxes Change After A Divorce?

If you are planning on divorcing, you should look at two things before you even file a petition: taxes and your estate plan. Divorce changes […]

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7Oct, 2019

How To Prepare For Financial Planning Month

October is not¬†only time to start ramping up for the holiday season, but it is also¬†financial planning month. If you do not have a financial […]

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4Sep, 2019

How Stocks Affect Taxes

When you have stocks, you have to think of how they will affect your taxes each year. Additionally, if you plan on leaving your stock […]

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