Our Company

Our office practices primarily in the areas of estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, federal income tax planning, and business formations or dissolutions.

When contemplating France Law Firm, your first step will likely be a phone or in-person conversation with our qualified legal assistant. After gathering preliminary information, a plan of action will be drawn up – taking into account any emergency factors. From there, your specific needs and objectives will be used to formulate options tailored to your needs.

A meeting with Mrs. France will help you choose the best options that enable you to feel confident moving forward.

A Word About Our Fees

Since each case is different, initial consultations are usually without charge. If you have a specific tax issue that you would like Mrs. France to immediately answer, you will be billed for the attorney’s time. If the France Law Firm is able to assist you in your particular situation, we will discuss with you our fee structure for that type of matter and a retainer agreement. Most matters are based upon our hourly fee structure and a retainer agreement. Many estate planning matters are handled on a fixed fee and we will be able to inform you of that fee after determining the complexity of your needs. Other matters, like probate, may be based upon the statutory reasonable fee.