4Oct, 2017

Tips on Organizing Taxes for Your Business

If you normally throw receipts away, start keeping them for the business. While it’s not mandatory to provide receipts for your taxes, you have a […]

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20Sep, 2017

Starting a New Business? Avoid These 3 Common Legal Mistakes

You’ve come up with a brilliant business concept and you are in a hurry to get it going. That is the biggest mistake you could […]

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6Sep, 2017

When to Start an Estate Plan

It’s never too early to start gathering an estate plan. Even young adults that do not have many assets should begin working with an estate […]

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10Aug, 2017

Best Practices When Deducting Donations

When you make charitable donations, be sure they are deductible by following the rules the Internal Revenue Service sets forth. Certain rules apply to donations […]

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5Aug, 2017

Will Vs. Trust, Which Do I Need?

When creating your estate documents, you need to determine which documents best fit your situation. Wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney could save […]

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