10Aug, 2017

Best Practices When Deducting Donations

When you make charitable donations, be sure they are deductible by following the rules the Internal Revenue Service sets forth. Certain rules apply to donations […]

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5Aug, 2017

Will Vs. Trust, Which Do I Need?

When creating your estate documents, you need to determine which documents best fit your situation. Wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney could save […]

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18Jul, 2017

Why You Should Plan Gift Taxation Strategically

The gift tax may have a severe financial impact on your finances, depending on the size of the gift, the size of your estate and […]

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4Jul, 2017

8 Ways to Make Your Taxes Easier This Year

The time to start getting ready for filing your taxes is the day you file your current taxes. If you keep receipts and stay organized […]

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19Jun, 2017

How Young Is Too Young to Write a Will?

You are never too young to make a will, as long as you are emancipated, which means you are on your own. Florida Statutes ยง732.501 […]

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