Estate Tax Planning: Utilizing Trusts to Minimize Tax Burden on Your Heirs

When you want to pass your assets to heirs, having an estate plan is critical; otherwise, your assets will go through probate. This could result in outcomes that you never wished for your heirs. Someone you may want to cut out of your will could receive your assets or your heirs could take on a […]

Gift Tax: Part Two

As you might have noticed from part one of this series, gift taxation is a process that must be discussed and planned thoroughly in order to follow the rules and regulations surrounding it. Today, we’re going to wrap up the last of the frequently asked questions, so let’s get started.

Whom should I hire to represent […]

Gift Tax: Part One

Wondering what a gift tax is? Strategic gift taxation planning can help to make sure that your objectives are accomplished without unnecessary complication or taxation. Knowledge is power, so we’re here to educate you on gift taxation in this two-part series, and address some frequently asked questions.

Generally speaking, the gift tax is a tax on […]