Getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is enough to make your heart jump. As you open it, you wonder what you did or didn’t do. You can prevent all that worry by having a tax attorney help you with income taxation planning every year.

The tax attorneys and business attorneys at France Law have the legal training and knowledge to protect your assets with sound income taxation strategies.

Income Taxation Experience You Can Trust

Why would you retain a tax attorney to complete your taxes instead of a certified public accountant (CPA)?

Belinda France has the knowledge, skill, and experience to answer your tax questions. She has been preparing tax returns for the last thirty years, representing clients through all levels of representation before the Internal Revenue Service.

She has an undergraduate degree in accounting, a Juris doctoral, and a post-doctoral in taxation law. Only an attorney can take you all the way to tax court – be prepared with France Law Firm on your side. We have the expertise to handle matters of both personal and business taxation.

Additionally, France Law can help create a tax strategy that benefits your estate plan since France Law also handles estate and probate matters.

Tax Disputes

A tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service costs you financially and emotionally. Business tax attorneys and tax attorneys can help you develop a tax strategy best handle your tax situation – and restore your peace of mind.

France Law handles the following types of matters:

  • IRS collections.
  • IRS audits.
  • Offers in compromise.
  • Tax controversies.
  • Litigation in the US Tax Court.

Regardless of what your tax problem is, and whether it is for business taxes or your personal taxes, our tax attorneys can help you. Tax issues are serious issues that do not just go away. The IRS will keep chasing you. We can help you resolve your issue.

Tax Issues in Florida

Those who live and do business in Florida have only the Internal Revenue Service to worry about – and possibly, local taxes for some businesses. Florida does not have a state income tax, nor does it have local income taxes. The state also does not have a state estate tax. The only taxes you need to worry about are the federal taxes.

Tax Issues with the Internal Revenue Service

It can often be difficult to resolve issues with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS advises that you keep all receipts for income and expenses to support the items you claim on your tax returns. This is especially true for businesses. The better records you keep, the easier it is to straighten out the issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Never assume that the IRS is correct. The people working there are only human, and they can make mistakes, too. When you use a tax attorney to file business and personal income taxes with the IRS, the attorney is able to track previous years’ taxes and find errors – if any – in your current tax returns.

The tax attorneys at France Law also keep your records for you, so you don’t have to worry about digging up old tax returns should the IRS send you a letter regarding previous years.

Additional benefits of retaining a tax attorney instead of a CPA include:

  • Find the best method to accurately reflect gross income and expenses.
  • Keep track of employment records.
  • Advance credit payments and premium tax credit figures for health insurance.
  • Track depreciation from year to year.
  • Ensure that you take all deductions you might be entitled to.
  • Keep up with changes in tax laws.
  • Dealing with the IRS if the agency sends one of its infamous heart-stopping letters.
  • Dealing with IRS audits.

These are just a few things a tax attorney or business tax attorney can do to help you during tax season – and at other times should the IRS accuse you of wrongdoing.

Contact France Law today for a consultation for business taxes or personal taxes.