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Tax Extension for Individuals Impacted by Hurricane Michael

If you or your business, reside in an “affected area,” you are automatically granted relief from certain deadlines (Treas. Reg. §301.7508A-1(c)).  In addition to those direct taxpayers, if your business records necessary to meet the deadline are located in an “affected area” you are also entitled to relief,” in addition to relief workers, and any […]

Taxes When Going Out of Business

Closing a business means a life transition. It’s usually a stressful time even if you really wanted the change. However, you shouldn’t forget that closing your business calls for meeting several tax obligations. It’s the same whether you are self-employed and have incorporated or you’re shuttering your small business and letting your employees go. Your […]

State Gift Taxation Highlights Need for Experienced Legal Advice

If the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 taught everyday Americans one thing, it’s that politicians have vastly different ideas about fair and equitable taxation. Each state has its own standards about how much to tax people on income, real estate, personal property, retail sales and even automobiles in some places.  

With tax reform […]

Primary Considerations About How to Set Up a Trust?

There will come a time when you are no longer able to oversee your wealth. Whether that occurs as a result of death or disability remains to be seen. But at that critical juncture, it will be imperative that you have created a trust that provides details about how your wealth will be distributed and […]

What Happens When I Don’t Have a Will

Even if you’re meticulous about financial planning, you may be putting off writing a will until the later years of your life. However, your family members may find themselves entangled in a legal morass without warning if you or your spouse pass away unexpectedly. There are some potentially negative complications for sorting out your estate […]

How Do I Make Changes to My Will?

If you are like most, you hope that your family will honor your wishes after you pass. That includes following any instructions to leave behind regarding your estate. In an ever-changing world, some circumstances may arise where you need to make room in your life for a new grandchild or treasured non-profit organization. You may […]

Your Business: Annual Reporting vs. Quarterly Reporting

Public agencies must inform the public about its activities. This “accounting” includes expenditures and activities. This includes future activities. The information included should not be “washed.” It should include the good and bad about the company. Not only does a report advise the public what the company is doing, but it also forces the company […]

Staying Financially Organized During Your Busy Season

No matter what type of business you have, you probably have a busy season. For accountants, it’s tax time. For auto technicians, it’s usually during and after tax time when people have returns to put into repairs. Dealerships and retail establishments might see a busy season around or during tax time and again from just […]

Start Income Taxation Planning Now

Many people and business owners make the mistake of starting to plan for taxes in November or December each year. By then, you will need to scramble to take advantage of some types of tax benefits, or they may not be available to you any longer at all. Starting the planning process now can help […]

Why You Need an Attorney When Planning Your Business

You will experience all kinds of new things when you start planning to open a business. While learning how to run your own cash register or putting your business on social media may be vital to your company, nothing can cause more problems for your new establishment than failing to comply with legal requirements in […]