Tax Planning for Small Business

Running a small business comes with a lot of unique challenges, not the least of which is managing your finances. If you can’t determine how much money is coming in or going out, it’s almost impossible to know whether you’re succeeding or not.

One area where many small business owners flounder is taxes. Even if you’re […]

Five Tax Tips For Business Owners

Tax time for businesses is often a complicated process. If you don’t have a good tax attorney, you could end up getting audited for mistakes an accountant makes. Florida tax lawyers must stay up to date on the newest tax laws, including business deductions. Another benefit of using a Florida tax attorney is that should […]

Business Taxation & Organization

When you are ready to start a business, you have several decisions to make. These decisions will affect the way you run and, more importantly, how the Internal Revenue Service taxes the business. The type of entity you choose also affects you financially because you might be financially responsible for lawsuits and creditors. Additionally, owning a […]

Benefits: Limited Liability Company Taxes (LLC)

The Limited liability company is one of the more favored business organizations because it’s easy to set up, gives business owners some of the same protections as C corporations, and has tax benefits. You not only have less paperwork at the inception of the business, but you also have less paperwork and requirements to meet […]