What do you know about probate? For many Americans, probate is more of an afterthought than a legal subject to be well versed in. But probate determines the final destination of each piece of an estate, so it definitely merits consideration.

At France Law, we believe in planning ahead for life’s inevitable moments. Learn more about probate basics by considering these three basic definitions of what the term ‘probate’ actually means.

Definition 1 – Noun: The process by which a will is proved valid and the estate is administered according to the terms of the will.

Definition 2 – Noun: A term referring to court supervision of an estate administration, even if no will is involved.

Definition 3 – Adjective: Describing a court that that handles estate matters (“probate court”).

Each definition carries the same essential thought – probate involves the administration of an estate. So when people talk about submitting a will to probate, going to probate court, or handling probate law, the basic essence is asset administration after death.

As an experienced probate attorney, Belinda France has helped many clients to plan ahead for the administration of their estate. What are some top areas and assets to give consideration to? Stay tuned for the next installment of our Probate Primer to learn more!