4 Estate Plan Mistakes You Can Avoid By Hiring a Professional

Creating an estate plan is an important part of protecting the future of your family. It allows you a say in how your assets are to be distributed following your death. A state distribution of your assets, which occurs if you haven’t created an estate plan, doesn’t offer the same tax advantages that you can […]

Creating an Estate Plan

One of the most important factors in protecting your family upon your death is creating an estate plan. By forming an estate plan, you will be able to decide how your estate is divided upon your death or should you become incapacitated. But what exactly is an estate plan and when is the appropriate time […]

Estate Plan: Living Trust vs. Will

Preparing an estate plan ensures that your assets will go to those you want to receive them after your death. There are two types of documents that are essential to estate plans you can create that will complete this task; a living trust and a will. While serving the same main purpose of naming beneficiaries […]

Living Will vs. Durable Power of Attorney

Ensuring that your personal and financial affairs are in order for the future with sound legal planning is the best way to protect your interests. At France Law Firm, we’re passionate about understanding your personal situation to create the legal provisions that are best suited for you. A large part of this is protecting your […]

Protect Your Loved Ones with a Living Will

Most people do not think about starting a living will until they are in their older years, or ill. However, there are many benefits of having a living will, and you could end up regretting not taking the time to make one out. Life is unpredictable and often uncomfortable, which is enough reason for adults […]

Celebrity Estate Planning and Probate Stories of 2015

Estate planning is an important consideration for everyone, and ignoring or mishandling these important financial matters can lead to probate woes and family drama. On the other hand, having a solid estate plan in place can go a long way in minimizing legal headaches and family heartache. This is true even for celebrities and their […]

Protect the Things You’re Most Thankful For


At this time of year, many people are taking a moment to reflect on the people and things that they are most grateful for in their lives. What is most important to you? No doubt family is at the top of your list. You may also have a special sense of pride for the things […]

9 Estate Planning Terms to Know

When visiting a foreign country, it helps to know common words and phrases. Similarly, when navigating an area of law that seems foreign to you, understanding the definitions of the terms most often used can help you to understand the process and the final outcome. This is important, since you want to be sure that […]

Estate Planning Defined

Is a feeling of bewilderment or unfamiliarity holding you back from estate planning? For many, a leading cause of procrastination in planning for the future is being intimidated by the terms associated with this area of law. Even the concept of ‘estate planning’ can sound ambiguous. In this article, we’ll break down estate planning in […]

Don’t Make the Same Mistake as These 5 Famous Figures

What surprising thing do the following famous figures have in common?

Abraham Lincoln
Pablo Picasso
Howard Hughes
Bob Marley
Stieg Larsson

They all died intestate…or in layman terms: they didn’t have a will. Some names on the list may not be as surprising as others, such as free-spirited types like Pablo Picasso or Bob Marley. But it’s hard to imagine a […]