Fact or Fiction: Test Your Estate Planning Knowledge

Understanding the essential facts about estate planning is vital to making sure that your assets are protected and your wishes are followed. Making decisions based on misconceptions regarding estate planning can lead to financial frustrations or worse. Test your ability to discern fact from fiction when it comes to these common beliefs about estate planning:

Florida […]

3 Reasons Why Even Single People Should See an Estate Planning Attorney

There are many misconceptions about estate planning. At France Law, we have seen many complications arise when individuals overlook important facts about estate planning. One common fallacy that creates problems is the notion that single individuals don’t have a need for estate planning. Here are the three key reasons why even those without marital attachment […]

Facts and Figures: Get to Know the Tax Code

Taxes are something that everyone pays, but few people feel they really understand. And it’s no wonder why – the Tax Code and associated regulations and case law make up a very big body of governing policy. Tax attorneys spend years studying the laws – and a lifetime keeping up with changes. Learn more about […]

New Check Writing Rule Underscores Importance of Keeping Up with IRS Rule Changes

Need to pay the IRS $100 million? Don’t write a check. As of today, the IRS says it will no longer accept checks for more than $99,999,999.99. Citing machine processing limitations, tax agency says that checks of more than 10 digits have to be processed by hand – increasing the risk for fraud, errors, and […]

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Remarriage is on the rise in the United States; close to 42 million Americans have been married more than one time. This figure is almost double the amount reported in 1980. Estate planning is an important planning tool for everyone, but it can be especially useful in addressing specific concerns that exist in a blended […]

The Impact of Divorce and Separation on Your Taxes

Divorce or a legal separation can mean changes not just in your domestic situation, but also in your taxes. Though tax season may seem far away, having in mind the following points and making adjustments now can mean fewer surprises when it does come time to file with IRS next year.

Here are the top things […]

Taxpayers Beware: 5 Things the IRS Will Never Ask You to Do – But Scammers Might

Scammers continue to try to fool taxpayers into thinking that they owe the IRS money, while deceptively maneuvering matters to collect a payout for themselves. Each week, France Law receives calls from clients being targeted by these swindlers. The good news is that their tactics are easy to recognize as fraudulent, if you’re informed about the […]

5 Estate Planning Questions To Ask Yourself Each Year

It can be amazing how much things can change in a year. Your financial situation, your family situation, your objectives in life – they can all be dramatically altered with the passing of just 52 weeks. Therefore it’s important to keep tabs on whether or not your estate planning documents fit your current situation – […]

Do You Suffer from EP?

A recent survey by CNBC reveals that there is a new condition sweeping over one-third of Americans with $1 million or more in assets. The short name is ‘EP’ and the effects can be pain, confusion, and family trauma. There is no prescription pill to cure EP, and a doctor can’t help. But a visit […]

Probate Primer: Part Two

Last week, we defined the concept of probate. Essentially, probate is administration of assets. This administration takes two forms in the state of Florida – formal administration and summary administration.

Summary administration of assets is available under certain conditions, such as when the estate’s value is less than $75,000 or if the deceased has been dead […]