Estate & Gift Taxation Planning

We’ll make sure your family is taken care of now and into the future through a variety of estate planning tools and gift taxation strategies.

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Wills, Trusts, Probate & Probate Litigation

Whether planning for the inevitable or coping in the midst of life’s greatest trials, our legal expertise can provide you with legal assurance and comfort.

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for your loved one in the present and future

Business Taxation & Organizaion

The only thing holding a business entity together is paperwork – we have the experience to make
sure you get it right.

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Income Taxation Planning

France Law is qualified to interpret the complex body of tax law and protect your interests,
all the way to tax court if the situation arises.

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clients legal rights

Whatever your legal needs are, the attorneys at the France Law Firm know how to protect them. By seeking legal expertise and advice, you can plan for the future and protect your family from unexpected surprises. And if a worst-case scenario does catch you unprepared, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to put your legal affairs in order and keep your rights protected.

We also have extensive experience in protecting your assets through income taxation planning. The body of tax law is complex and open to interpretation. Should you need representation to defend your rights in tax court, only a qualified tax attorney can represent you. Belinda France has spent years studying tax law and is prepared to take you all the way in representing your interests.

We make it simple to get the answers you need.

Clear communication and legal assurance is what you’ll find at France Law.

Your case is unique.

So are our services.

Your personal, family, and business needs are as unique as you are. We recognize the sensitive nature of each situation and, using our knowledge and experience, provide the legal tools necessary to safeguard your interests and protect your rights. Legal protection is never one-size-fits-all; find a tailor-made solution with France Law.